About Us


Our Mission

E4712 Artisan Soaps is dedicated to creating the best quality and distinctive soaps and body products by making a commitment to our families, environment and community to use only the highest quality ingredients. 


Only the best ingredients

Our handcrafted soaps and body products are made using the highest quality fruit and plant based oils and natural ingredients whenever possible.  Our products are designed to clean and nourish your skin while enhancing your bathing experience.   


Our Name


Ezekiel 47:12 - because the water for the trees flows from the sanctuary - their fruit will be for food - and their leaves for healing.

Our business name - Ezekiel 47:12 Artisan Soaps and Body Products - comes from this Bible verse. This chapter of Ezekiel describes the many kinds of trees lining the river that flows from the sanctuary of the temple.  It says that these trees will not wither and die.  They will provide fresh fruit monthly.  Their fruit will be for food,  and the leaves for healing.  

Revelations 22:2 is another account of the trees lining the river and it states, “and the leaves of the trees are for healing of the nations”.

The leaves of trees and plants provide oils, fragrances, clays, and exfoliants to use in making quality soap and body care products.